we support businesses in discovering and assessing their needs for innovation. We encourage the exchange of knowledge between companies and the world of research. We facilitate partnerships between big players and innovative start-ups.



we support startuppers in the implementation of their business model through a team of professionals able to assess business ideas and support the launch of new products/services on the digital market.


Public Funding

we identify national and European funding opportunities in terms of innovation and support businesses in accessing them.


Private Funding

we involve Investment Funds, Business Angels and Ventures capitalists to find co-investors that best match the specific needs of a company.



we identify and select opportunities within foreign markets and support the implementation of investment/marketing projects.


Knowledge Management

we help businesses and startuppers to manage knowledge in order to create value.


Wishinnovation is a flexible organization able to integrate different skills

assess market potential and develop innovative projects


create synergies on the national and international market, by placing businesses at the heart of commercial networks


raise funds to support the development of start-ups and company innovation processes


Value drivers

We support those people who have a vision for economic, social and environmental change.

We know public policies very well and we know how they can become an opportunity.

We provide all the help you need to turn your idea into a business.

There is no such thing as a successful idea without the people who can make the difference.

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